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Real Kola

The way it was intended


Ethical Kola

What is ethically sourced kola?

Ethically sourced kola runs through direct trade with our Nigerian partners. We collaborate with smallholder kola farmers, processors, and exporters to ensure that the lion's share of profits go back to kola's roots in Nigeria.

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Our Farmers

Our smallholder farmer partners grow kola on heirloom family farms where, for many generations, the art of kola farming has been perfected. This is why you will always find the highest quality kola right here. Never anywhere else.

They who bring kola

Bring Life

It's a saying in Nigeria, where hands dig deep into the soil to sew the seeds of the kola tree. Where the kola is broken in celebration of life's important moments and chewed to stimulate good times. It is who we are and what we stand for. It is real kola.

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