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Plant Based 🌱

Kola nut is a fruit indigenous to West Africa that has been used for 1000's of years as a powerful natural stimulant

Boosts Metabolism 🚀

Studies show that the caffeine and catechins in kola nut boost your metabolism and help aid in fat burning

Improves Performance 🏋🏽‍♀️

Theobromine occurs naturally in kola and has been proven to increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and muscles

Energy and focus 🧘🏽

Keep it real with smooth, focused energy that doesn't give you the jitters or crash of regular coffee or energy drinks

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All Natural Ingredients



What Our Customers are Saying...

"Stellar Beverage"

Natural ingredients, earthy taste. Real smooth!

I’m typically rather sensitive to drinks with high caffeine content but this one went down real nice. Would recommend!

"Oji is Awesome!"

 All three flavors are great. Normally I'm not a big fan of drinks with pineapple but this one was really well balanced. Just the right amount of caffeine in each can to keep you going but not feel jittery. Would highly recommend!

"The most refreshing!"

Love picking these up for a midday boost that keeps me focused and engaged for the rest of the day without feeling wired or crashing later on. The flavors are all so light and fresh, but my favorite has to be the Pineapple Hibiscus 🤤